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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 27, 2012, 10:43 PM

Stole From My Sensi >> :iconlettelira:… <<

:bulletblack: Name?: Vamps, Alex, Ali....Fruity, the list goes on.....

:bulletblack: Age old?: 18 - 3/4

:bulletblack: What Are your drawing Tools?
Wacom Intuos 3, Corel PaintShop Pro X3, Autodesk SketchBook Pro.
I usually Doodle on Paper, with pen or Pencil. :heart:

:bulletblack: You color so amazing, Do you have a tutorial? (LIES)
No Not Yet But it's on my list of things to get done for my watchers! :D

:bulletblack: Do you take requests/art trades/point commissions/actual commissions?
I open :points: sometimes, and I'm trying to get Paypal Commission up and Running.
I am a Total procrastinator and Lazy too :evillaugh:

:bulletblack: What made you into drawing anime?
Inuyasha :heart:
The first Anime I ever watched It Made me want to start drawing again, after stopping since I was 7 years old. ^-^ :heart:

:bulletblack: Do you have any other hobbies than drawing?
Other than being addicted to the Web, I knit (Horrible scarfs),  I sew My Hoodies, I make FriendShip Bracelets, and I Have a different color Nail Polish everyday. <3

:bulletblack: Are you in a relationship?
I finally Found someone I can Love and he Loves me Back :heart: :love:

:bulletblack: Can I draw something for you?
Of course! I'd love to see any of my OCs in your style! :hug:

:bulletblack: Do you always reply to comments/notes?
I try to, but I end up talking to 7 people at the same time >.< lol

:bulletblack: Do you only do Digital Art?
Nope in fact my Favorite Piece I have done it Traditional and it's hanging on my Wall :XD:
>>.:They All Fall Down:. by Kitty-Vamp<<

:bulletblack: What are your most favorite things to draw?
Currently my OCS in "my" style [yes I said my style since im always drawing like that now ]

:bulletblack: What's your favorite part of a drawing to do?
Sketching Eyes and Coloring >3<

:bulletblack: What are your favorite animes/mangas?
Inuyasha, Black Butler :heart: , JunJou Romantica. :blush:

:bulletblack:Who is your oldest OC?
>>Tainted Hero: Not a Normal Job by Kitty-Vamp<<
My Baby Girl :heart: >3<

:bulletblack: What music do you prefer listening to while drawing?
Well here's my Playlist

:bulletblack:  If you could do a movie/anime, what would it be about?
I know this is selfish but I want SO Badly to have My Book Made into a Movie (WHen I finally finish it T.T)

:bulletblack:  Does your work depend on your mood?
Yes..... it does I wish it didn't When I'm sad my work it the best but when I'm happy I focus on everything else and my art always looks rushed. T.T

:bulletblack:  Who inspires you as an artist?
MY SENSI!!!!  >>iconlettelira:<< :tighthug:

:bulletblack:  Where'd you get the inspiration for Airdna, Turner & Tainted Hero??
Well Long Story short, It was a LONG Continuation of dreams that intermingled with each other and I ended up with a Girl that can Control Blue fire and a Guy with Angels wings. (HE IS NOT AN ANGEL) They both fell in love under weird circumstances and Deadly Trials.  :D :heart:

:bulletblack: What is your favorite deviation in your gallery?
Ummmm Lets see......
>>Tainted Hero: The Darkness Within - Fading Away by Kitty-Vamp<<

If you Have Anymore Questions Send me a :note: :heart: :D

-V :blackrose:


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